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Three B's Texas Cuties
Look at Us NOW

We would like to thank each of our
extended family members for the updates and pictures of our Three B's Cuties.
It means so much to us to see our Cuties grow through pictures.

Three B's Cupie Doll
Ladybug Pylant

Hello June and Glenda,
We wanted to wish you and yours a blessed Thanksgiving, and send a few pictures along of (Cupie Doll) whom we gave the name of Ladybug to, or Bug for short. Enjoy them. And thank you again for our baby girl!  We love her very much, and her new sister Daisy loves her too. We are sending you a picture of them together. Of course Ladybug is the black girl, and Daisy is the white girl. Ladybug is very playful, and she is stocky too. She likes to explore as you will see she gets into my plant. We enjoy having her in our family so much. We are thankful for you because you sold her to us.
Thanks again,
Teresa and Curtis and  Daisy Pylant

Three B's Cupie Doll
New name: Ladybug Pylant
Three B's Noel
Three B's Noel
New name: Romeo
Three B's Joe
Three B's Joe
New name: Bumble
Three B's Prince

We named the little cutie "Jazz", and he is the most precious and special
dog I think we've ever had! He seemed to feel "at home" with us right away,
and became an instant member of our family. He has such a sweet and friendly
personality and is growing to be such a gorgeous little boy! Our girls,
Sophie, Addie & Nadia, just love him, and give him tons of hugs and kisses,
although I must say he's quite a mommy & daddy's boy, too. :) We bought him
a little "doggie bag" and carry him around with us to the pet store and
anywhere else they allow dogs. He loves to go to the park, and is always the
most popular "person" there and everywhere, making friends every place he
goes. We don't go anywhere that someone doesn't comment on what a beauty and
how precious he is! And somehow, he talked us into sleeping in our
bed...he's the biggest cuddle bug I've ever seen! He usually ends up curled
in a little ball at our feet, but many nights he sleeps on his back with all
four limbs stretched out! Too cute. He really is a doll and such little
blessing to us.

Here are a few pictures of him. Feel free to use them if you like.

Hope you guys are doing well!
Blessings to you and yours,
Kelly & Mark Stitts :)

Three B's Prince
New name: Jazz
Three B's Zoey

Sparkles (aka Zoey) is home!  The girls were so surprised and 
thrilled to meet her this afternoon.  What a sweet puppy.  She played 
all afternoon and cuddled with everyone.  Thank you again!

Three B's Zoey
New name: Sparkles
Three B's Shane
Three B's Shane

He is such a sweetie and is growing so much. He now weighs 6 lb 4 oz (was 3 lb 4 oz when we received him). We love him to pieces J

Tobi and Kaydee's web page.

Three B's Marley

I thank GOD everday for Marley and i thank ya'll so much. i'm sending some pics of Marley to you. She only watches t.v. when Pet star is on or preaching. she loves to run and is growing and doin well. She got her first hair cut yesterday. i don't thik she liked me for a while. She got over it. She is so beautiful.  Thank you again for Marley being able to come into my life. will keep you updated.  Annette Harvey

Three B's Rupert
New name: Bruin

He is now 1year old. He is an awesome dog!

Three B's Chloe
New name: Lindy

Hi June & Glenda!

I love my new home in Reno with the Healys!! I have a big backyard to 
explore and two sweet little boys who LOVE me and play with me.  I 
have been to the vet and had my second set of shots-I was so good, I 
didn't even make a peep! I sleep by my new mommie's bed in my crate 
every night and am learning not to potty in the house. 

Take care,

Three B's Tiger
New name: Bandit

Thought you might like to know that Tiger (renamed Bandit) is doing great.   He is 9 months old, weight 10 pounds 2 ozs and a wonderful, happy, playful companion. 
Frances Pizzulo

Three B's Moody
New name: Benji
Three B's Moody
New name: Benji

hello this is Kayla jandro i bought "moody" Renamed "Benji" i believe his birthday is in January hes a "Cavachon" cavalier and bichon mix  he's still the love of my life! im married now so he has a mommy and a daddy to love on! in the lasted photo hes with my mothers two dogs which are "cavatese" cavalier and Maltese mix he Miss's them now bc we had to move to away to Virginia bc my husbands in the navy so in December i'll be back in Texas with Benji so since hes sad and lonely i'll be looking at your web site to pick out a sibling for him! because the puppies up here are WAY over priced and since i got a wonderful dog from y'all the first time i feel like i'll get an other wonderful dog next time! so you'll be hearing from me soon again! bye!
Your buddy's Kayla & Benji :)

Three B's Shockley
New name: Sherwood "Woodie"

Just wanted to send a photo of this seriously cute and loving puppy. 
We named him Sherwood and call him Woodie. He is the best pup ever!!!!
God bless us all forever...Cathy

Three B's Napoleon
New name: Ozzie
Three B's Napoleon
New name: Ozzie

Here is Ozzy with Jake and Abby. He is a great little dog and is
really active. We love him and are enjoying him very much.
Happy New Year,

Three B's Queen Elizabeth
New name: Penny

June & Glenda,
We picked up Queen Elizabeth this morning and she's so precious!  Everyone loves our new baby and we have renamed her Penny. THANK YOU for our new bundle of joy!

Ekamrak Family

Three B's Karley
New name: Karley


June and Glenda,

Karley (we kept her name the same) is wonderful. She has so much personality and is so sweet. I can spend hours just watching her play. She has done wonderfully with our bigger dog, Stella. I just wanted to say how grateful I am to have her. 

Thank you
Shelly Folsom

Three B's Al
New name: Dobey Man Rodriguez
Three B's Al
New name: Dobey Man Rodriguez

hey girls! we bought our shih tzu from you in october or november of 2008!  He is such a beautiful dog i thought i would send yal pictures! maybe you can put it up on your website! we call him our show dog!!! his new name is Dobey Man Rodriguez.  The whole family loves him so much!
Shelly Sullivan-Rodriguez

Three B's Ben
New name: Wickett

June and Glenda,

Here is Wickett with our other Dog Markko and wickett playing with his toy.  We are happy to have him and he is here in Wasilla, Alaska.  Thank you,

Katherine L Cress

Three B's Moose
New name: Oreo

Thank you for selling my husband moose. I love this dog. I changed his 
name to Oreo.

Three B's Moose
New name: Oreo
Three B's Gussy
Name stayed Gussy.
Three B's Gussy
Name stayed Gussy.
Three B's Gussy and her daddy, Vic.
Three B's Gussy

Hi June & Glenda,

We wanted to give you an update on Gussy.  She is doing great, adapting to her new home very well, even the cat loves her!  On the way home from your place, I read allowed "To my new family:" and Vic cried!  I know he cried for the dogs that we have had that have been so dear to him and he was also very emotional because Gussy reminds him so much of his Gracie that past away last year.  She was by far a Daddy's girl!  

Gussy and Vic are inseperable.  We take her to the office with us everyday and if she's not being loved on by one of the guys, she is right at Vic's feet or asleep under his desk.  He calls the office to check on her when he's not there   Gussy has been such a blessing for both of us and we look so forward to watching her grow, and she is growing fast!  My gosh, her feet are huge!!!  

Thank you ladies again for giving us such a beautiful blessing, we are forever grateful!

Many blessings,
Vic & Melissa Valentine
Abilene, TX

Three B's Peggy
New name: Amelya Mae

Peggy is now known as amelya Mae thanks so much we love her

Three B's Cher
New name: Heidi


We got our pup's papers in the mail in the last day or so.  Thanks so much for sending them.  She was the former "Cher" and we have named her "Heidi".  She has been a sweet dog - the "puppy" in her has been a challenge at times - but she's calmed down some already at 4 months - doesn't chew as much.  She's getting very aware and has become quite the "watch dog" when the door bell rings.  It's hard a times keeping up with everything she can get into but its just natural for a little dog at this age.  She has been great therapy for our family - we really needed a new "baby" to take care of.   My wife jokingly said to one of her co-workers "I think I'll quit work and stay home with it".    :)

I've attached a recent pic of her.   Again, thanks so much for working with us.  It was well worth the drive to Texarkana and it was very nice to meet you.

Kind Regards,
Andy Novak

Three B's Cheyenne
New Name: Ula

Hi June,
     Thanks for all of your help with the puppy. She is beautiful! I don't think she minded the flight too much. She is in great shape! Here's a picture when she arrived home. I'll send more in a few days! Thanks again!    Bryan
P.S. Her name is going to be Ula.  I liked Cheyenne, but got outvoted!

Three B's Wanda
New name Bailey Bean.
Three B's Wanda
New name Bailey Bean.

I thought that it's about time to send some pictures of our beautiful baby girl, Bailey Bean (Rhonda).  She is healthy, happy and almost one year old.  Our family is in love with our sweet and loving pup.  She is great with the kids and loves to take car rides back and forth to school.  She also has a BIG (goldendoodle) brother, Murphy. They spend the day playing together and patrolling the yard.  I wish that I could attach video of these two together....they're hilarious.  Thank you so much for Bailey Bean, she brings our family so much joy.  Fondly, The McCaffery Family (Williamsburg VA)

Three B's Joann
New name JoJo Joyce Vickers
Three B's Joann
New name JoJo Joyce Vickers

She is Caleb's baby! 

Thanks again for my lil girl! 
Barbie Vickers

Here's some pics of Jojo Joyce Vickers (Joann)... She makes a great addition to the family. Its nice to have another female around! Lol I've got her to tee tee on the puppy pad but she doesn't always poopoo on the pad.. Any suggestions??? Lol
Here are some pics of Jojo and the boys..
Tyler wanted to make sure she was ok in her cage(that she never gets in cuz she's always with one of us playing or sleeping!)

Three B's Kate
New name: Casey
Three B's Kate
New name: Casey
Three B's Kate
New name: Casey

Here are some pictures of Kate(new name Casey). We love having her, she is such a joy. We see that her brothers are still there. Wish we could have them too.. Thanks for such a blessing.

Claire E. Wales

Three B's Mitch
New name: Benji

Just a note to thank you for the wonderful puppy.  His name is Benji.  Amibeth thought he looked more like a Benji than a Mitch.
First day was a little difficult for him adjusting. I'm sure that long plain ride and the noise  had him a little freaked out.  He initially was very fearful of his new surroundings and attached to Ami.  But he has come out of his shell.   Our dogs took to him without a problem.  He has learned to tease them and he acts like he owns the place.  He is playful today and eating well and remarkably good about going outside. Problem is he does not want to stay downstairs with his owner but would rather visit up stairs where the action is.  Not too serious.   He only cried the first night. Second night  he went right into his crate and did  not whine or bark.    Ami has him on a  schedule and it has been a breeze for her.  No accidents at all.  This is way too easy.  Benji appears to be a docile pet and very friendly.  Not a yippy dog at all. The only time he barks is when Ami leaves and that is just for a few minutes.  So thank you for all you did to make this possible.  We can't wait until Easter to have him meet our 10 grandchildren.  Attached is a picture of him with his new female friends. He definitely is easy to love.   Chris

Three B's Rebecca
New name: CZ
Three B's Rebecca
New name: CZ

Hi Glenda and June,
CZ is Rebecca's new name.  I finally have a working computer .  Attached are 3 photos from March 6 the day after picking her up.  She is with Julian my 11 year old and Allegra my 9 year old.  The 4th picture of  CZ is her at 10 weeks.  We will send more in a couple months.  She is really adorable and doing very well.  The first week was tough but now at night she sleeps in her crate and does not use the bathroom until I come down in the morning and take her out.  She loves cashmere.  She is very good.
Thanks again

Three B's Gussy
Three B's Gussy

Hi June & Glenda,

Just wanted to give you girls an update on Gussy.  She is the most amazing dog we have ever had!!!!!!!  She plays with her food just like a seal until she decides to eat.  It is the funniest thing to watch.  She has gotten quite good at balancing it on her nose.  She sleeps as long as we do at night, and lays by the bed until she hears the alarm but if you tell her to go back to sleep she will, love it!! 

Frisbee time with dad is so important to her too.  She is now catching it in mid air with the greatest of ease, hopefully I will get better with the camera and actually get a good picture in air.  At night, she has her time with dad, Vic, in his chair, they sit together and watch TV for hours and when I take her out at night, she lets me chase her until I can't run anymore then she will chase me!  

She has not realized yet that she is no longer a lap dog either.  She uses her hind legs to crawl in your lap, regardless of where you are sitting and loves to put her front legs around your neck.  I know, I know, this is just spoiling her more but I'm telling you, she is the closest dog to human that we have ever seen! She is so obedient and works so hard at making us happy.  Now the cat on the other hand, she loves to torment her now.  They have stare downs daily, the cat usually wins those.   Not a day goes by that one of us does not load her up in the car or the jeep and take her to the office.  She would not have it any other way.  If she ever disappears, we will know where to find her.  She will be at home with one of our guys from work!  They absolutely love her.  

Ok, I've bragged enough about our Gussy.  You girls will never truly know the joy that you have brought us by blessing us with Gussy.  She is a gift and brings us so much happiness daily.  If we are ever your way again, we will be sure and stop and to let Gussy tell you hello.

Many blessings,
Melissa Valentine

Three B's Cola
New name: Mocha
Three B's Cola
New name: Mocha

Just wanted to send you a couple of pictures of Miss. Mocha, she is a joy! She is 6.6 pounds and is doing well. She will visit the groomers for the first time on Saturday. That should be interesting.  Thank you again!

Three B's Jerry
New name: Wookie
Three B's Jerry
New name: Wookie

Hi June
Wanted to send you pictures of our Wookie. He will be a year old on June 30th. He is a rascally mess! He can now jump on almost all the furniture. Hard to remember how tiny he once was! Thanks again,

The Daniel Family

Three B's Leon
New name: Jet
Three B's Leon
New name: Jet

Hello June and Glenda!

I am just dropping an email to give you guys an update on Jet (Leon). He is now three months old and just had his rabies and booster shot. We are living at home with my mother right now and he absolutely LOVES all the extra attention! He has decided that anything that touches the ground is fair game to become a new chew toy and he loves sleeping on my pillow above my head at night (he's currently asleep in my lap). He is as playful as ever and has such an amazing personality! We went for a swim the other day in my best friends pool and he loves the water! Every time I run the water to shower he jumps in before I even have a chance to catch him! He isn't quite potty trained yet, but is getting better. He now knows how to sit and jump on command and we are attached at the hip. 

He's become quite popular with my friends and family and everybody is constantly asking about him :). He has been such a blessing in my life and has brought me so much joy. I can't thank you enough for giving me such a wonderful best friend! 

Below are some pictures from our swim day! As you can see, he's getting pretty big! Hope all is well with you guys! I will send you more updates as the months go by! 

Emily and Jet

Three B's Dusty
New name: Brody Boy

Hi! I wanted to send you a picture of our little Brody boy (Dusty from Lucky and Katie). We picked him up the middle of August last year (2009) and is almost a year old. He has a lot of energy to play, but also is a huge snuggler! He likes to lay in our laps and constantly wiggles his way onto our pillows while we're sleeping. We're so grateful to have him and thought you'd like to see an updated picture. Thanks, Dave and Mandi Meador

Three B's Leon
New name: Jet

Hey guys!
Just thought I'd give yall an update on my little man Jet! He is now 5 months old and as furry as can be! He needs to visit the groomed bad but I'm just nervous to leave him with anyone! I guess you could call me a protective mother! We are currently on our couch and he is asleep on my lap. I couldn't ask for a better lap dog! He's very loved by all my friends and family and has about three girlfriends! Two being yorkies. Hope all is well! I'll send you another update in a few months.

Emily and Jet

Three B's Dill
New name: Tanner
Three B's Dill
New name: Tanner

Hi my name is Emily and I am the proud owner of Tanner ( Dill) the puppy you gave me! I just wanted to send you some up dated pictures! I love him so much and wanted to thank you for giving him to me, he has been the biggest blessing to me!!! He is spoiled and gets all the attention in the world! He is also very smart, he is pretty much potty trained, although he does have some accidents inside every once in awhile. He already knows lots of tricks he can sit, shake, hi five, and also when i say bang bang ( acting like i shot him) he falls over and plays dead! He is also very sweet and loving, with a great personality! 

Three B's Dan
New name: Sheldon

Hi June and Glenda!
I hope this note finds you both well.  I wanted to send you a little update of my baby boy puppy, Sheldon (formerly "Dan").  He is now 12 weeks old and a little ball of energy.  I love him so much.  He is very spoiled and gets new toys from friends and family all the time.  He is doing well with the commands "sit" and "stay".  He is very smart!  He is also a very good traveler.  He has flown in an airplane twice with me (he pretty much just sleeps in his puppy bag at my feet).  He is making his first big road trip to Nebraska for my grandfather's 80th birthday party this week!
I did want to let you know that our vet noticed he was born with only three toes on his back right paw.  I'm not sure if that's something you caught when he was born and forgot to mention or if you just didn't notice it at all beneath all that fuzzy fur, but I thought you should know in case it's some sort of genetic thing.  He's still perfect to me though.  Everything else has checked out fine, and the girls at the vet's office just adore him.  He's very popular in the neighborhood as well.
I attached a couple photos of him.  I hope you are all doing well.  I have referred a couple people to your website already, as they are impressed with how cute Sheldon is and how well-behaved he is around people and children.  My nieces and 9 month old baby nephew do very well with him.
Thanks so much for providing me with this puppy who has given me 100 more reasons to smile each day!
Bree Harms (and Sheldon)

Three B's Wendy
New name: Chloe

Just wanted to give u an update on Chloe! She is as spoilt as the kids are and has been a very quick learner! We celebrated her bday with toys and treats!! Thank you again we could not have gotten a better dog!!! She is great with the kids and takes turn sleeping in bed with us all! If you notice in the pic she looks like she is smiling!!! :) Hope all is well!!!
Amanda Butler
Tyler, Tx

Three B's Jax
New name: Wall-E

Hi ya'll!

This is an e-mail from the Neuman family.  Just in case you forgot, we're the military family from Fort Hood, Texas who bought Wall-E (formerly Jax) from you back in October 2009.  We celebrated Wall-E's first birthday yesterday and thought you might enjoy some pictures from the party.  If you could please give us your mailing address, we'd like to send you "A Year in the Life of Wall-E", which would be way too big to send via e-mail.  We took pictures from Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving, etc.  We still can't thank you enough for Wall-E.  He makes life so much better!  Will you be having any more Bich-Poo's in the future?  We're really interested in a little sister for Wall-E!  Hope this message finds you all well!
Thank you so much and God Bless!
Melodie Neuman and Family

Three B's Harley
New name: Colby
Three B's Harley
New name: Colby and his Mom

Hi there,
Merry Christmas from Ken and me and , of course , from Colby.
Here are some pictures of him with me and in the woods near us,which he loves.  Colby has turned into the most wonderful dog!  He is completely house trained now and just a joy to have around.  He is so friendly to everyone and well behaved everywhere. He seems to love our New England outdoors and had his first taste of snow today. He goes on woods walks with Ken, off leash, and loves to explore in there.  He is very smart and has learned quite a few tricks.  All in all, we enjoy him very much.  Happy New Year to each of you.          

Three B's Gussy
Gussy's first birthday and her Dad


Hi June & Glenda,
Thought you girls might like seeing Gussy on her birthday!
Hope all is well with you girls and we wish you a very Happy Thanksgiving!
Many blessings,
Vic & Melissa Valentine

Three B's Leon
New name: Jet

Dear June and Glenda,

Thought I'd send you this picture of Jet! He is almost 9 months old and time has flown by! I can hardly believe it! He is now an avid TCU fan and as you can see he is wears his TCU sweatshirt on game days! He has the most fun personality and continues to bring me joy. I'll update yall again after his 1st birthday! (With party pictures too!)

Emily and Jet

Three B's Harley
New name: Colby

"house" training appears to be progressing nicely!!!!!

Three B's Leita and Adam
New names: Mesha and Makita

I'm sending you a picture of Mesha and Makita Ballew.  You knew them as Leita and Adam.  We thought it would be good advertisment for people thinking of getting another puppy from you.  I've got to tell you, I was apprehensive when we got Adam but I'm glad we did.  They love each other and they're personalities are they greatest because of it.  That and the fact that they have us wrapped around thier little finger.
Thanks again
Greg and Terri Ballew
Montesano, WA

Three B's Mitch
New name: Benji
Three B's Mitch
New name: Benji

Hello.  This is Amibeth Behnke, and I was the one that bought Mitch last March.  His name is not Mitch anymore, it is Benji.  He is so adorable! He is a year old now, and very energetic and playful! He is also a snuggle bug! He adjusted pretty well to the weather we experience up here in Wisconsin, and he loves going to a dog park we have in my area.  He loves going for walks, chewing on rawhide bones, and also the toy ring my boyfriend bought him.  I will attach a picture of what he looks like now!

Thanks again,
Amibeth Behnke

Three B's Lester
New name: Sprocket
Three B's Lester
New name: Sprocket
Three B's Lester
New name: Sprocket
Three B's Dan
New name: Sheldon - Moving
Three B's Dan
New name: Sheldon - Halloween
Three B's Dan
New name: Sheldon - First Haircut
Three B's Dan
New name: Sheldon - Christmas

Hi June and Glenda,
I hope 2011 is off to a great start for you!  I wanted to send you a few updated pics of my Morkie puppy, Sheldon (Three B's "Dan").  I took a job back in my hometown of St. Louis, so Sheldon and I packed up in September and left Dallas.  He is my little piece of Texas!  After settling into our new routine, we participated in a puppy training course with a reputable trainer in the area and Sheldon graduated!  He was fixed, had a couple baby teeth pulled, and was microchipped in the fall.  He adjusted fairly well to the cooler winter temperatures in the Midwest and learned to really like playing in the snow.  He now weighs about 5.5 pounds, is completely potty trained, walks great on a leash and gets smarter by the minute.  We look forward to celebrating his 1st birthday in April!  We think about his brother Dill often and hope he is doing well too!
I don't know where I'd be without my little pup.  He is such a cutie!
Thank you!
Bree and Sheldon

Three B's Dew
New name: Miley
Three B's Dew
New name: Miley
Three B's Dew
New name: Miley

Hey June and Glenda!!
I'm not sure if you remember me, but my name is Asten and I bought Miley (formerly Dew) from you both almost a year ago. She has been nothing but a blessing to me and my family. She is very smart, playful, and full of so much personality. One of my favorite things about her is that she loves to cuddle. I just want to thank you both for not only making Miley easy for me to purchase from California, but for also being competitive in price. I would not have my little Miley if she was priced any higher so thank you for that.
I hope you both are doing well!
I have heard about a standard poodle mix with a Rotweiler (Rottle/Rottie-poo) and was wondering if you ladies have thought about breeding them. Please let me know if this is something you may consider!
Thanks again!

Three B's Tammy
New name: Mitzi

June and Glenda,
We wanted to let you know how Mitzi (Tammy) is doing on her 1st birthday. She is 6.4 pounds and hopefully no more or she will be put on a diet (ha ha). We love her so much and she seems to enjoy living in the RV with us. She is very smart and lots of fun to be with.  She is a good traveller and goes everywhere with us except on the golf course when we leave her in the RV.
Maryann and Peter Crowe

Three B's Zeva
New name: Bella

Hello, this is brittany wessen. Just sending you a picture of Zeva which we renamed to Bellla. She is such a good dog and has been an amazing addition to our family. We dressed her up as a witch for Halloween and my little sister took her out trick or treating with her.

Three B's Delta and Denton
New names: Jasmine and Jackson

Sorry it took so long to send this pic,but I thought u would like to see how much Jasmine (Delta) & Jackson (Denton) has grown! Jasmine now weighs a little over 6lbs and Jackson weighs a little over 12lbs. They r doing Great! They have never been separated since we got them. Me and my live together. They r so spoiled!
Casey Smith & Tonya Burch

Three B's Lester
New name: Sprocket
Three B's Lester
New name: Sprocket
Three B's Lester
New name: Sprocket
Three B's Lester
New name: Sprocket
Three B's Lester
New name: Sprocket

Just wanted to send some updated pics of Sprocket formerly Lester. He
Recently turned a year old. He is such a joy, I don't know what I
would do with out him. He is the company i needed while my husband
works out of town. He is adjusted to the Oregon weather and loves
splashing around in mud puddles. He graduated puppy training classes
too. Thanks again for blessing me with my baby.


hi how are you guys doing just keeping you updated on Justin..... we have decided to keep the name..... justin is such a joy to have around the house he is very playful and joyful he is such a sweet dog to have i really have to say thank you for sending him to me i will send you some pictures as soon as i get a new camera.......... just keep doing what u are doing cause those little puppies will sure make a difference in someone life like ours, as i said before thanks again for him.

Three B's Daniel
New name: Danno

Dear June,

Zeva is doing very well with her new surroundings.  She loves to go outside and play in the grass and has been doing very well with her potty training, no accidents. She went to the vet today for her checkup and is a very healthy puppy and will be very much loved by our family.  She was visited by my entire family on Saturday and was held and loved all day.  As you know, my husband's father and girlfriend now want to buy a puppy once Zeva's mom and dad have another litter.

Thank you so much for keeping Zeva happy and healthy and be rest assured, she has found a great loving home.


Tracey and Sean Wessen

Three B's Sarah
Three B's Shirley
Three B's Carma
New name: Suki

Here are some pictures of Carma aka Suki. Her under coat is real light. She plays with our Golden and our Shepard all day. She is getting better with her potty training.



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